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Printer Maintenance: Ensuring Longevity and Quality Prints

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The Print Perspective discusses printer maintenance of new and current machines to ensure Printer longevity and quality prints!

Congratulations on your new print equipment! Now that you’ve invested in cutting-edge technology, it’s crucial to take the right precautions to keep your printer in top-notch condition. Whether you’re troubleshooting operator issues or tackling machine malfunctions, these essential tips will guide you towards success in overcoming obstacles and ensuring optimal equipment performance.

Nozzle Checks

Kickstart your maintenance routine by running frequent nozzle checks. This not only exercises the printheads but also allows for manual or automatic head cleaning. Ensure a vibrant color gamut and peak performance by starting each day with a thorough nozzle check. Navigate to the maintenance/settings menu on your printer to perform this task, adapting the process if your machine requires a more hands-on approach.

Required Maintenance

Every piece of equipment has its set of required maintenance tasks. Ignoring these over time can lead to performance issues. Whether it’s Epson printers prompting head maintenance or other machines requiring regular lubrication and ink shaking, adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Schedule maintenance during slow production hours to keep your machine running smoothly.

Non-Expired Ink

For Mimaki printers, the ink system rejects expired inks, ensuring top-quality output. While some printers may allow you to override or force expired ink, it’s not recommended. Using expired ink can damage printheads, clog lines, and compromise print quality. Steer clear of such issues by avoiding the use of expired ink, even in desperate situations.

Don’t Ignore Error Messages – Call Local Support

Error messages are your equipment’s way of communicating potential issues before a job starts. Instead of overriding or ignoring them, reach out to local support, like Atlantic Graphic Systems. Understanding the necessity of bypassing and comprehending error messages is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your production run. Quick references are often available in the operator’s manual for swift troubleshooting.

Operator Training

Invest in operator training to maximize production efficiency and machine success. Operator turnover can be a challenge for some companies, leading to lapses in training. A well-trained operator becomes an expert on the inside, reducing the need for service calls. Consider scheduling training with AGS to save both time and money when expert assistance is needed in critical situations.

Remember, regular print maintenance is the key to quality output and minimal downtime. By following these five tips, you’ll ensure a smooth printing experience and set the stage for success in your printing endeavors.

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