Perfecta 225TS 88.5″ Programmable Hydraulic Guillotine Paper Cutters

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Perfecta 225TS

88.5″ Programmable Hydraulic Guillotine Paper Cutters


  • Powerful gear drive for the knife
  • Gear box with helical spur gears with a 10-year warranty
  • Digital servo drive positioning system for the backgauge
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Stainless steel plated and slot-less cutting table
  • Cutting table and optional side tables with air bed
  • TS computer with 18.5 ” high resolution color touch screen
  • CIP3 / CIP4 enabled
  • LED table light and cut line indicator
  • Built-in knife hoist with setting gauges and knife guard
  • Self-monitoring safety light barrier
  • Two-hand cut control
  • Overload protection device
  • Tool cabinet


  • Air side tables with legs in various sizes
  • Carbide tipped blades
  • Lift kit for taller working height
  • Automatic Waste Removal System AWR
  • Multi nozzle blow down device for AWR-system
  • Front hold-down device for knife
  • Smart clamp (limited clamping stroke)
  • Low pressure device (for corrugated and pressure sensitive material)
  • Motorized knife adjustment
  • Barcode scanner
  • S2C package (Straight To Cut), with bar code scanner and CIP3/4 network connectivity
  • Variable knife speed
  • Rear loading options (retractable side guides and others)
Cutting Table Width88 ” / 2250 mm
Feed Height6.5 ” / 165 mm
Useful Rear Table Length106.3 ” / 2700 mm
Stainless Steel Air Side Tableswith legs, various sizes
Minimum Cut without False Clamp4.3 ” / 110 mm
Minimum Cut with False Clampno false clamp
Clamping force786 – 17985 lb / 3.5 – 80 kN

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Weight300 lbs


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