Saber 95 37.4″ Programmable Hydraulic Guillotine Paper Cutters

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For taking on heavy-duty cutting projects, it doesn’t get better than the Saber: the best technology, the most power, the greatest endurance. Set up this workhorse and you’ll have nothing but years of satisfying, easy, high-quality operation. Cut the biggest jobs down to size in no time – again and again. The Saber makes it simple.

The Saber X15 comes in 37” (95 cm), 45” (116 cm), 54” (137 cm) and 62” (158 cm) sizes. For larger-sized cutting, the large format Saber XXLseries comes in sizes all the way up to 126” (320 cm).

Advantages at a glance

  • Heavy-duty Construction – Provides stability and longevity.
  • Double Arm Pull Knife Drive – More powerful, precise cutting.
  • Center Actuated Clamp – Insures uniform pressure regardless of pile position.
  • 15” Color Touchscreen – microcut® computer control with intuitive graphic interface makes programming fast and easy (12” screen on the 37” (95 cm) model).
  • CIP3/4 Capable with Networking – No extra hardware or software required.
  • Automatic Knife Adjustment (Patented) – Knife setting and adjustment can be done automatically without tools (not available on 37” (95 cm) model).
  • Programmable Clamp Pressure – Automatically adjusts clamp pressure as needed.
  • Ball Bearing Lead Screw with Linear Guides – Guarantees precise backgauge positioning.
  • Chromed Main and Side Tables –No maintenance required.

SABER X-15 Specs

Standard equipment on all SABER® paper cutters:

• Microcut® computerized back gauge control system with:

o 15” Wide Screen color touch screen

o S-95 is only available with 12” Wide Screen

o USB drive for memory storage

o CIP 3/4 Enabled

o Network compatible

• Combination ball bearing lead screw and linear slide

• Electronic Clamp pressure control

• Patented motorized knife adjustment (not available on S-95)

• Patented hydraulic clutch

• Chrome coated low pressure air table with blower

• Chrome coated cast iron side tables with air

• Double end pull (dual gear box) design

• Safety elevator knife change device

• Operator manual/parts list

• Center actuated clamping

• Two high speed knives

• Six plastic cutting sticks

• Jogging block & tool kit

• Infra-red safety beams

• Slot closing device

• False clamp plate

Electrical Requirements: 45 amp, 220 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle power.

Additional information

Weight300 lbs


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