Akiles CBM650 Comb Opener


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The Akiles CBM650 is a heavy-duty modular plastic comb opener that allows you to open and close all standard size binding combs (from 1/4″ up to 2″ in diameter) and up to 14″ in length. Its simple-to-use & all-metal construction design guarantee high productivity and durability.


Max. Binding Thickness:1/4″ to 2″
Max. Binding Length:Up to 14″
Ambidexterous Design:Comb opener handle can be installed on either left-or right-hand side
Modular:Can be used as a stand-alone device or can be conveniently mounted on top of your Akiles comb punch
Heavy-duty:All metal construction
Weight:13 lbs

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions12 × 22 × 10 in


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