Akiles ProLam Ultra-XL Laminator


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Akiles ProLam Ultra-XL

6 Roller Laminator

Key Features:

• Commercial Grade 6 Roller Laminators with Programmable Memory Settings
Programmable Memory Settings: Allows you to save the ideal temperature and speed for your most frequent projects.
• Auto Shutoff: Automatically cools and shuts down the machine after usage, to prolong the life of your laminator.
 Extra Large Opening: The 18.9″ opening allows you to laminate with extra large pouches (i.e. 18″ x 24″).
 Removable Cover: Allows quick acccess to the roller with easy-to-remove thumb screws.
• LCD Control Panel: Backlit LCD display with labeled keypad makes it easy to operate.
 Setting Guide: Shows the recommend temperature and speed settings for different pouch thicknesses.
• 13″ Capacities: The large 13″ (X6 / X10) or extra large 18.9″ (XL) throat allows the machine to laminate a wide array of pouch sizes.
• Air Cooling System: Patented internal cooling system ensures the laminator stays cool to the touch while in use.
• Programmable Memory Settings: Memorize the ideal temperature & speed settings for your most frequently used pouches.

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Weight52 lbs
Dimensions29 × 13 × 7 in


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