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Morgana BM5035 and BM5050

The NEW BM5000 series booklet makers produce booklets in a variety of sizes – A4 / US Letter landscape, A6 / 6″ x 4″ 2-up and more.

The all NEW Morgana BM5000 booklet maker series is the latest member of the Plockmatic Group booklet making family. Engineered for mid-to-high volume customers with the highest quality and functionality requirements.

With an increasing number of printing systems available to handle larger cut-sheet sizes, A4 / US letter landscape and oversize booklets can now be produced easily and cost-effectively. The new BM5000 Series delivers these new applications by handling up to 620mm / 24.5″  long sheets.

The BM5035S/5050S, with its optional 4 stitching head configuration, lets you finish jobs that have been imposed 2 up on a sheet, 30 sheets only when using four stitch heads. This functionality offers you higher productivity and reduced costs per book.

BM5035S / BM5050S Key Features

  • Paper Size Min: 120 x 210mm / 4.73” x 8.27” to Max: 320 x 620mm / 12.6” x 24.4”
  • Stock Range: 65 – 300gsm / 18lb bond – 110lb cover dependent on paper

Set thickness:

  • Minimum set thickness: 1 sheet 80gsm / 20lb bond (when folded makes an 4 page leaflet)
  • Maximum set thickness with two stitch heads: 3.5mm / 0.39” and 5mm / 0.197” (approx. 50 sheets of 80gsm / 20lb bond)
  • Maximum set thickness with four stitch heads: 3mm / 0.118” (approx. 30 sheets of 80gsm / 20lb bond)
  • Book thickness:

    • Maximum finished book with two stitch heads: 10mm / 0.39″ (approx 200 pages 80gsm / 20lb bond)
    • Maximum finished book with four stitch heads: 6mm / 0.236″ (approx 120 pages 80gsm / 20lb bond)
    • Stapling – 2 or 4 ISP Stitch heads
    • Staples per spool – Approx. 50.000

Additional information

Weight300 lbs


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