Baumann BSB 5 L Semi-Automatic Jogger with Air Removal

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Automatic Joggers BSB 5 L

BSB 5 L with air removal and two pneumatic flaps,

35.43″ x 51.18″ usable stainless steel air table with blower

All automatic joggers consist of a stable support, in which the table’s up and down movements are precisely guided (no cables are used for stabilization). The jogging table automatically moves into its inclined jogging position and back to working height. All model “L” automatic joggers are equipped with a pneumatic air-expulsion roller with clamping device.

Semi-Automatic Jogger

  • The table of the automatic jogger is designed as with a stainless steel air-table
  • Side flap with manual tilt
  • Tiltable both left and right
  • Variable jogging intensity
  • Side flap with pneumatic tilt
  • Manually attachable sheet divider for smaller sheets
  • Count by weight scale mounted under the automatic jogger
  • Latest technology
  • Very comfortable operation
  • Increase in productivity

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Weight300 lbs


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