Challenge iJog with Air


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Challenge iJog: A robust and stand-alone paper jogger with electro-mechanical jogging, the iJOG will square a stack of paper in seconds.

For static problems common with digital printed products, add the Air assist option to blow the static out of pile during the jogging process. The air assisted iJog along with it’s heavy duty design will make your finishing projects so much easier for years to come.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, The iJOG continues our legacy of providing… assurance you made the right decision.


• Robust electro-mechanical jogging action
• Front loading
• Foot pedal control
• Two jogging speeds
• Rugged, heavy-duty construction

Machine Features

electro-mechanical jogging action
Front-side loading
Foot pedal control
Adjustable air flow – dial from zero to 112 CFM (optional add-on)
Two jogging speeds
Three operating modes – air off all the time, air on all the time, or air on for an adjustable length of time during the jogging action (with air add-on)
Rugged, heavy duty construction
 Pile height4″ maximum
Stock size13″ x 19″
Net weight (approx)75 lbs

Additional information

Weight183 lbs
Dimensions30 × 30 × 38 in


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