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KAMA ComCut 76 Die Cutting

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KAMA ComCut 76

The econom­ical successor for platens and cylin­ders.

When is the right time to replace old cylin­ders?

The new KAMA ComCut 76 makes the decision easy: The solu­tion is the econom­ical successor for platens and cylin­ders and offers all relevant cutting, creasing and embossing applic­a­tions with double to triple the productivity. In short: You‘ll get profes­sional func­tion­ality at an entry-level price.

The ComCut 76 is based on the proven plat­form of the KAMA ProCut, which has been success­fully installed world­wide, and is manu­fac­tured in Germany using original compon­ents. The ComCut 76 offers the applic­a­tions die cutting, creasing, perfor­ating, embossing, Braille embossing and kiss-cutting in constant output quality and makes converting faster and more effi­cient with short makeready times.

All in all, a modern flatbed die cutter with contem­porary safety that even young oper­ators enjoy working on and that pays for itself with just a few hours of util­isa­tion.


  • Die Cutting
  • Creasing
  • Perfor­ating
  • Blind Embossing
  • Braille Embossing
  • Kiss Cut

High­lights of the KAMA ComCut 76

Fast changeover with preci­sion

Clear advantage of the flatbed die cutter.

Fast job changes are a must for short and medium runs. For the ComCut 76, jobs are prepared quickly and off the press, repeat jobs can be set up precisely in just 5 minutes. And when it comes to accuracy, the flatbed die cutter has the edge anyway.

Seam­less trans­ition

Existing cutting dies? Simply continue to use them!

Existing die-cutting tools for platens and cylin­ders can be easily used further with the universal locking frame. Oper­ators are quickly trained on the ComCut 76 and quickly become familiar with the machine. Oper­a­tion is possible at the feeder (touch panel) as well as at the delivery side.

This ensures a seam­less trans­ition to the more prof­it­able ComCut 76.

High prof­it­ab­ility

You can count on this machine!

The ComCut 76 pays for itself with just a few oper­ating hours per month – even compared to a depre­ci­ated cylinder. Short makeready times, multiple output and effi­cient loading: Piles of sheets on the pallet from the printing press can be placed directly in the feeder of the ComCut.

Add to this an attractive finan­cing model.

Growth in the port­folio

More fields of applic­a­tion and high product quality.

Thanks to safe and gentle sheet guid­ance in one plane on the KAMA die-cutting machine, hardly any (or no) holding points are needed. This delivers high-quality blanks and speeds up strip­ping – also relevant for folding box produc­tion. New fields are opening up.

Large-area blind embossing and high-low embossing are also possible with the ComCut 76.

Compact machine – Made in Germany

High-quality manu­fac­turing ensures a long service life.

The ComCut 76 is manu­fac­tured in Dresden using original compon­ents. This means that, like all KAMA solu­tions, it stands for durab­ility and a high resale value. The control cabinet is integ­rated into the ComCut 76 and the compact machine requires little space.

Specific­a­tions of the ComCut 76

Process­able mater­ials & output
* Depending on the material, sheet size and die config­ur­a­tion. Tech­nical data and figures are subject to change.
Paperfrom 120 g/​m²
Paper­board, micro-corrug­ated boardmax. 1,500 g/​m² (bzw. .,8 mm)
Plastics (PET, PP, PVC)max. 1,500 g/​m²
Maximum sheet size760 x 600 mm (29 15/​16 x 23 5/​8 in)
Minimum sheet size279 x 210 mm (11 x 8 1/​4 in)
Speed*5,500 sheets/​h
Cutting force165 t (1.65 MN)
Maximum cutting size743 x 585 mm (29 3/​8 x 23 1/​6 in)
Gripper margin10 mm (0.394 in)
Dimen­sions(length x width)4.90 x 2.70 m (193 x 106 in)

Converting for:

The versatile KAMA ProCut 76 is ideal for many different applic­a­tions in post-press, where it can be used with all printing presses that use the sheet size B2 (or smaller), e.g.

  • Heidel­berg XL 75
  • HP Indigo 7K, 15K, 35K
  • Koenig & Bauer Rapida 76
  • Xerox IGEN
  • Fuji­film Jetpress 720
  • Konica Minolta KM-1
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