Kompac Phoenix R Modular Flood Coating & Priming System

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Kompac Phoenix R

Modular Flood Coating & Priming System

The Phoenix R is a roll-to-roll coating and priming system configured for in-line or near-line operations. The Phoenix’s revolutionary design makes it the most modular system available. This future-proof line of equipment utilizes our IOTech4 communications to add to your Industry 4.0 facility.

Phoenix R Configurations


Auto Coating Unit: Sets the nip via servo motors; works in conjunction with IOTech4 “recipies”

Coating Sensor: Automatically detects coating level & replenishes Corona Treating: For plastic, synthetic, and metalized substrates High Pile Feeder & Stacker: Pallet/Dolly loadable feeder & stacker for high volumes. 2 sizes available for best sheet handling

Interface Conveyor: Allows for inline coating on select digital & offset presses IOTech4: Communication system for better efficiency and metrics IR/NIR Dryer: Dries aqueous coatings and assists UV coating wet-out for increased gloss Stacker Cooling Module: Head unit contains additional fans for better drying and less bricking of the finished pile. Also contains a proofing light for better spot checking


Kompac Vac: For quick & effortless 2-minute coating change & clean up


  • UV & IR drying available. Can be configured pre or post coating with up to 4 IR units.

  • Multiple coating systems. Up to 2 coating units per system anilox or standard.

  • Variable length conveying pre or post curing for coating wet out or additional curing time.

  • High speed. Capable of 250 feet (76m) per minute.

  • Featuring Kompac IOTech4 network communications to increase efficiency.

  • Made in the USA.


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