Mimaki UCJV330-160 UV Printer

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Mimaki UV High Image Quality Technology
5 Key Points Supporting Mimaki’s High Image Quality

  1. Newly developed ink ejection technology delivers high image quality at high production speed
  2. MWDT is used to compensate for differences in the individual print heads, also small adjustment errors to suppress banding.
  3. Mimaki’s unique banding reduction system makes printing smoother
  4. High-density, high-definition UV-LED 330 print heads
  5. Smoother image quality with a minimum 4pl graininess

Mimaki UV High Image Quality Technology

UV-LED printing requires no drying time for quick delivery

UV ink cures and fixes to substrates when exposed to UV light (ultraviolet light). This allows printed substrates to be post-processed immediately after printing, this includes laminating and cutting.
In addition, UV ink does not require a specific surface type and can print on a wide variety of substrates.

Saving production time by up to 90%

Realize overwhelmingly high image quality with fast printing speed

Realize overwhelmingly high image quality with fast printing speed

Deliver highly profitable applications with clear ink that further expands creative opportunities

2.5D Print (Emboss Print)

2.5D Print (Emboss Print)

Mimaki’s first roll-to-roll product to support the “Emboss Print” feature of our flatbed printers.
Layers of UV ink are applied to create an uneven texture. This makes it possible to simulate the texture found in oil paintings and on wood grains.

Watermark Print

Watermark Print

Watermark print that reveals the skeleton image when the backlight is exposed.
When illuminated from behind, such as sunlight or backlight, it can create a silhouette,This feature provides the ability to create unique designs that attract attention.

Gloss & Matte Finish Print

Gloss & Matte Finish Print

Clear ink provides added values to the applications.
“Gloss finish” enhances the sense of luxury with its glossy luster.
“Matte finish” provides a luxurious matte effect.
It can bring textural effects to the surface, which enhances the design.

ARTISTA UV Texture Library

ARTISTA UV Texture Library

RasterLink7 Software includes 129 texture patterns that can be used as swatches in Adobe Illustrator.
Clear ink can be used to add a luxurious frosted privacy screen to office and facility windows.

Mimaki’s UV printers are friendly to both operators and the environment

UV Printer is Eco-Friendly

UV printers use UV-LED light sources to cure the inks. These lights have low power consumption and long life, making them environmentally friendly.
The UCJV330 is incredibly energy efficient. It consumes about half the power of a typical eco-solvent printer and conserves 1/3 the power of typical latex printer *1
In these days of global environmental awareness, energy cost reduction is an important activity.
*1 Company research ; Comparison of maximum power consumption with latex machines in the market

Uses environmentally friendly UV inks

Inks for the UCJV330 Series are environmentally friendly UV ink that generates nearly zero VOCs. It cures without irradiation of short-wavelength UV light, which causes ozone generation.
*2 VOC= volatile organic compound
*3 Company research ; No volatile organic compounds are generated after UV curing. A very small amount may occur during the pre-curing stage.

■GRENGUARD Gold Certification
Based on the world’s most stringent chemical diffusion standards, the GREENGUARD Gold certification guarantees that the product is suitable for schools and medical institutions.


Print&Cut: Proven cutting functionality – Supports for Various Output Operations


Thanks to the instant-drying nature of UV-cureble inks, you can seamlessly perform print & cut operations, expanding your printing possibilities. With just one machine, you can create a wide range of applications, inlcuding store decorations, posters, labels, stickers, wobblers, and more.

This versatile machine is also equipped with dunctions to increase efficiency, such as ID cut and zero-margin crop mark functions, which support automatic and continuous cutting of various data while reducing media waste.


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