Graphic Whizard PT 33SFTS Bookletmaker

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Complete Booklet Maker In-line System:

PT 33SF, PT 33FT & PT 33PFA

  • Up to 3,000 books per hour11″ x 8.5″, half fold
  • 110-130V, 50/60 Hz, 15A
  • Minimum 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ long (13.97cm x 21.59cm)Maximum 13″ wide x 18.9” long (33.02cm x 48cm)


At the core of the PT 33SF stitch and fold booklet maker are long run heavy duty Deluxe stitching heads with active clinchers. The ability to use 5lb spools of stitching wire means a lower cost per piece vs. staple cartridges. It also gives the user the added benefit of having flexibility to lengthen or shorten the stitch when desired. The PT 33SF booklet maker is ideal for glossy stock with its powerful knife folding unit as well as its conveyor belt delivery system.

The PT 33SF comes standard with side and tail jogging to ensure a well jogged set before stitching occurs. Handfeed the PT 33SF, put in line with the PT 33FT face trimmer, or complete your configuration for maximum automation with the PT 33PFA pile feeder.


Finish your inline configuration with the heavy duty PT 33FT face trimmer. Input your desired length and the PT 33FT will face trim your book to length utilizing both the book press and face trim clamp to ensure a perfect finish every time. No need to empty an internal trim collector box as the trimmings exit the machine on the high capacity conveyor belt system.


Add the PT 33PFA pile feed with accumulator in line with the PT 33SF stitch and fold to automate the feeding of your pre collated sets into the stitch and fold. Input the number of sheets per booklet into the PT 33PFA touchpad and the high pile vacuum feeder will accumulate your sets and then deliver them into the PT 33SF stitch and fold. The PT 33PFA comes standard with ultrasonic doubles detection to ensure your sets are accurate before then sending to the stitch and fold unit.



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Weight300 lbs


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