Graphic Whizard PT MCP Manual Creaser



PT MCP Manual Creaser

Crease Down & Cross Perf

The PT-MCP is a tabletop impact creasing and perfing machine that provides a simple economical solution for low volume or occasional creasing/perfing jobs.

  • 750 sheets per hour
  • Minimum 2” wide x 2” long (5cm x 5cm)Maximum 18” (45.7cm) wide x unlimited length
Speed750 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size18” (45.7cm) wide x unlimited length
Minimum Sheet Size2” wide x 2” long

(5cm x 5cm)

Stock Weight50-450 gsm
Max Number of Creasing PositionsUnlimited
Program MemoryN/A
Cross PerforatingYes
Linear PerforatingNo
Strike PerforatingNo
Micro PerforatingNo
Auto Sheet MeasureNo
Manufacturing Warranty1 Year Parts

Additional information

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions22 × 18 × 7 in


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