Therm-O-Type Zip-CSCL MARK IV Cutter/Slitter

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Therm-O-Type Zip-CSCL MARK IV Cutter/Slitter

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV cutter slitter creaser is a high speed, heavy-duty, programmable slitter cutter creaser featuring proven reliability and outstanding crosscutting, cross creasing and slitting accuracy. In addition, the cross creasing station on the Zip-CSCL Mark IV can also be used to cross perforate and hole punch.

Running business cards, for example, the Zip-CSCL Mark IV runs 2.3 to 5.3 times faster than throughput speeds advertised by competitive models.

Unfortunately, advertised “speed” doesn’t necessarily mean much in the real world.

Low capacity feeders and tray/bin deliveries can dramatically decrease productivity while increasing operator workload.

With the Zip-CSCL, customers get the highest throughput speed combined with a high capacity feeder and delivery conveyor as standard equipment.

The Zip-CSCL Cutter Slitter Creaser is a unique production machine that is ideally suited to finish a wide range of multiple up digitally printed products quickly, accurately and reliably.

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV is the only creaser cutter slitter that offers the combination of features and capabilities required to maximize the profit potential of your business.

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Weight300 lbs


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