Vanguard VR5D-E LED UV Inkjet Printer

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Vanguard VR5D-E LED UV Inkjet Printer

The Vanguard Digital Printing Systems VR5D-E 4’ x 8’ flatbed LED UV printer is the most robust, full-featured, flatbed printer money can buy, period! With every imaginable feature at an unbelievable price, your return on investment will far exceed expectations. With the ability to add up to 10 Ricoh Gen5 printheads, our printer will be on the same trajectory of growth as your business.

The VR5D-E utilizes dual-channel Ricoh Gen5 printheads allowing for greater versatility and scalability. With the ability to run two colors within the same printhead and 10 printhead slots in the jet-plate, our VR5D-E can be configured in a multitude of different ways. The VR5D-E, with just two printheads in quality mode, is capable of printing up to 60 4’ x 8’ boards in a single shift. Need more speed? Add a second row of printheads, now or at any time in the future, and you can nearly double your output. Are you being met with the demand to print white? Vanguard has you covered! By simply adding white to your machine you’ll have the capability to meet those demands.

BandGUARD is the unique feature that allows the VR5D-E to rise above the competition. By installing 4 printheads per row, we mirror the printhead array which dramatically affects bi-directional print capability therefore maximizing quality and minimizing time. The BandGUARD configuration, YMCK-KCMY, lays down the ink in the same color order in each direction. This allows for higher quality prints with fewer passes.

Printing SpeedSingle RowDouble Row
Express Mode428 sq ft/hr648 sq ft/hr
Production Mode322 sq ft/hr535 sq ft/hr
Quality Mode274 sq ft/hr476 sq ft/hr
High Quality Mode180 sq ft/hr320 sq ft/hr

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Weight300 lbs


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