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Print is NOT dead – and here’s why.

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Ever since I got into the print industry, people have told me – what a waste, print is dead! 

I was very misguided at first. I didn’t know what the print industry was capable of. I felt I made the wrong decision – but my place was here. I had a hard time coming up with a rebuttal. 

Until now…

After 6 years of being in the industry. I know what we can do. So all I have to say is this:

Walk into a grocery store.

Go to a sporting event.

Drive on the highway.

Eat at a restaurant.

Print is all around us. Whether you notice it or not,

Warning labels, signage, menus, packaging, shirts, advertisements, and so much more.

Printing is not about words on paper, that’s the history of the industry. It has ever evolved to be able to print on anything you can imagine

Printing is not dead, but has never been so alive.

Next time you hear, print is dead – tell them to look up, down, and around – print is everywhere.

– Julia Meassick

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