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Foil Stamping

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Foil Stamping is a finishing tool for printers and customers to up their game in the industry. What is foil stamping in the print world? 

According to, “Foil stamping is a specialty printing process that uses metal dies, heat and pressure, to apply foil films.”

Various applications include letterheads, tickets, invitations, business cards, packaging, labels, and so much more. 

How does stamping work?

“Today, it is leveraged to create visual interest and increase the perceived value of products.

A foil is a thin film coated with the colors that are applied to a product through a process known as hot stamping.

The pigment is placed on a clear film, which acts as a carrier that transfers the color onto the product.

Another layer of the foil consists of pigmented sediments, and a third layer is a heat-activated adhesive that sticks the sediments onto the product.”

Why Choose Foil?

  • Foil Stamping is a powerful finishing tool for customers to use in their marketing efforts. 

  • The ability to have both light and dark foils – for use on darker and lighter substrates.

  • Rich feeling as the lettering or objects are raised and coated with a enriched pigmented foil.

  • Ability to stand out among competitors when receiving direct mail or invitations. 

What are some examples of Foil Stamping?

Enhance your business by implementing foil stamping on your next job. The look, touch, and feeling of a printed piece is why we are in this industry. 

Print is powerful – only in the arms of those who know how to use it. 

-Julia Meassick

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